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VP8 / WebM is here! Sorenson Users Can Encode With It Now.

Expect nothing less from Sorenson than to be one of the first to have already optimized its products for VP8 and WebM.  Sorenson Media announced today that it has joined the online video ecosystem built around the WebM project.

For more information about VP8 encoding visit our Sorenson Squeeze page.

Sorenson Media is among the many industry leaders participating in a groundswell of technology and product development support for VP8. The official announcement revealing the VP8 ecosystem partners was made today at the 2010 Google I/O Developers Conference, the company’s largest annual event for developers.

In addition to Google’s own support across its network of platforms—including Google Chrome and YouTube—it is partnering with a range of technology vendors, from browsers to encoding companies, hardware and software vendors, and platform providers to foster development around this high-profile, high-quality codec.

“A key factor in the web’s success is that its core technologies are open and freely implementable. Video is fundamental to the web experience, and developers and content publishers need an open video format option,” said Mike Jazayeri, group product manager at Google. “We are excited Sorenson Media is joining a broad coalition of industry leaders supporting the WebM project to bring a new era of open innovation in web video.”

Sorenson Media has consistently been an industry leader at the forefront of video optimization for all major and emerging platforms and codecs. Its intelligent embed codes provide native mobile support for all major platforms—including Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad—and all Sorenson Media products and services are already optimized not only for VP8, but also for H.264.

Sorenson Squeeze is the award-winning, best-selling desktop encoding application. Sorenson Squeeze 7 will fully support the brand new VP8 video codec in the WebM format. Email to sign up or contact sales at 888-767-3676 to be included.

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