Sorenson Media

Squeeze — Real Customers, Real Feedback

Occasionally, I will give the real comments/feedback of real Sorenson Media customers like you. And, I (and the entire team) will internalize all of the feedback you give us. That is how we get better — and that helps drive our product roadmaps.

In that vein, here are some recent Tweets about Squeeze:

Aaron M May writes — “Thank The Lord for Sorenson Squeeze!”

Blah writes — “I have not timed it but I swear Sorenson Squeeze is 5 times faster than Compressor.”

And, Scott Simmons writes — “every so often I seem to forget the @MediaComposer > Send To > Encoding > @sorensonmedia Squeeze option. Me likey.”

Listen, we know we don’t always get it right (although we try). But, this kind of real feedback — from real customers and users of our products — makes us smile.

After all, that’s what it’s all about — making the best products for our loyal customers.

Keep the feedback coming! You can always email me directly at as well — I will respond personally to each and every email.