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The “Watermark” Filter — Perhaps THE Most Used in Squeeze — A Video Tutorial

Here they are again — the “Kirk & Eric” Sorenson Series video show — with their latest “must see” Squeeze video tutorial. This time, it’s all about watermarks — which are amongst the most used filters in Squeeze. Watch, learn, and enjoy the banter ….


And, here is the full transcript — just in case you want to memorialize the witty waxing of Kirk and Eric.

Kirk: Hi, this is Kirk & Eric with the Sorenson Media Series – pushing you further down the path to video encoding bliss. Today, we explore the Watermark filter.

Eric: You know I like to (water) mark my territory. In this case it’s my videos. When it’s as easy as it is in Squeeze, you kinda just want to watermark everything!

Kirk: I get that. Primal, isn’t it?

Eric: Yeah. Check it out– the Watermark may well be one of the most used Filters in Squeeze. To jump start it, I can add any image file that I have sitting around on my computer.

Kirk: Okay, so I see you’ve added the Sorenson Bloom. Marking that territory, indeed.

Eric: I’m just getting started. Look at these options! I can take the Watermark capabilities to the next level. Choosing how big (or small) to scale, where to place the MARK and how much opacity and feathering to introduce. Kirk, why don’t you explain the difference between opacity and feathering?

Kirk: You’re expecting me to wax poetic after you’ve marked the bloom?

Eric: My hopes were too high. I’ll just go ahead and Squeeze It! and let my video be watermarked appropriately.

Kirk: Just that easy. Again, Squeeze– a darn useful every single goshdarn day tool. Once again, this has been Kirk & Eric with the Sorenson Media Series. Happy Squeez-ing everyone!