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Video Tutorial — Squeeze’s Blur Filter — Why & How?

Continuing on this week’s focus on brief, but incredibly useful, video tutorials — today’s focus is on Squeeze’s Blur filter (something many of you may not be aware of). Once again, Kirk and Eric use their witty banter to be both instructive and entertaining.


And, here is the actual transcript for your easy reference –

Kirk: Hi, this is Kirk & Eric with the Sorenson Media Series – pushing you further down the path to video encoding bliss.

Today, we are talking filters – specifically the Blur Filter. Eric, so why a blur filter?

Eric: As implied, the blur filter applies a blur effect, including the ability to set the blur radius on your video. We include filters like this one because the person compressing video is often given content that they didn’t produce and they may not even have editing tools handy but need to do some basic editing… That and it’s just convenient to have filters prior to encoding.

Kirk: Ok, so lets blur some video. We’ve got Squeeze open and have imported a video and applied a preset. Now we’ll select the Blur filter. Kirk, walk us through the fast way to select this filter.

The options for the Blur filter are Radius, Edge detection threshold, and Gaussian Noise Reduction. Don’t worry – no advanced compression degree required to understand these!

Eric: Whew! So what do these settings do?

Kirk: Lets start with Radius. The good news with Squeeze is that any change you make to the filter settings can be seen in the preview window. You’ll notice the slider bar so we can see before and after the filter is applied. Radius has a value between 1-20 and as its name suggests, the higher the value, the larger the radius of the blur effect.

Eric: Makes sense, so moving on to Edge Detection Threshold- what does this do?

Kirk: This is a value between 0 and 255 and can only be changed if the apply on the edges only check box is checked. As you can see – this is tied to the Radius setting. If I have a higher Radius value and also increase the Edge Detection Threshold value, it will sharpen the blur to the edges only. If I decrease the value while keeping the Radius value high – you can see that the entire image will become blurry.

Eric: Ok, I think I get it – this leaves Gaussian Noise Reduction.

Kirk: Also tied to Edge Detection Threshold. If apply to edges is not checked – you can change settings here. However if this is checked, the value range is 1-20 and the higher the value, the more the noise is reduced as the edge detection value is increased.
What’s important to remember is that there are no suggested values for each of these settings, adjust and evaluate as applied to your video and select what looks best to you.

Eric: Until next time this has been Kirk and Eric for the Sorenson Media Series.