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Video Tutorial — Squeeze’s Contrast Filter

Another great new video tutorial from the “Kirk & Eric” Sorenson video series — this time, Squeeze’s Contrast filter. Once again, incredibly useful — and direct and to the point:


Here’s the actual transcript for your easy reference:

Eric: Hi, this is Eric & Kirk with the Sorenson Media Series – pushing you further down the path to video encoding bliss. In this video, we will be highlighting the contrast filter.
Kirk: Great, Let’s jump right into it. I’ve opened Squeeze, imported a source file as you can see here, applying this 2000 kilobit, 720p preset for web delivery and now I going to add the contrast filter. Eric, why a contrast filter?

Eric: Like several of our other filters, the contrast filter is useful when you’ve been given source content that you didn’t create and needs to be cleaned up before viewing. Squeeze lets you make adjustments easily and quickly without the need for editing source or the source content.

Kirk: As an example, take a look at this video. I’ll open up the filter so you can see the settings. The contrast filter has a slider bar with a value range between -50 and 50. What else can you tell us about the contrast filter?

Eric: Changes the range of dark-to-light pixels in a linear fashion. When you raise the contrast, the dark pixels get darker and the light pixels get lighter. Increasing the contrast can wash out the highlights and make shadows look totally black. Lowering the contrast tends to make your image look gray.

KP: And the preview window and slider bar makes it easy to see what the filter will look when applied.

Eric: It’s that simple! Until next time- Happy Squeez-ing everyone!