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“What The Pros Use” – Q&A with Joshua Johnson of AETN

Joshua Johnson is the Education Production Coordinator for Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN). As a member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS),
the purpose of AETN is to enhance and empower the lives of all Arkansans by offering lifelong learning opportunities through high-quality educational television programs and services. AETN produces thousands of hours of professional development content for educators and school administrators across Arkansas each year. All of this content is processed through Sorenson Squeeze.

Joshua, thanks for joining us and answering some questions for our loyal followers…

Q: What cameras and lenses do you use to shoot your videos?
A: Sony EX3, PMW 350k, Grass Valley HD cameras with Fuji Glass

Q: What codecs do you use when you edit?
A: DNXHD 145 and 220, ProRes 422, XDCAM, and MPEG2

Q: What software / hardware do you use to edit with?
A: We use FCPX, AVID MC and Premiere Pro. Our Studios have Karerra and TriCaster 8000 switchers with Ki Pro racks recorders– all routed to an Avid DX that records media into the Facilis TerraBlock editing server for instant edit.

Q: What graphics and color correction programs do you use?
A: Apple Motion, Maya, After Effects, and 3ds

Q: What are your “go-to” settings in Squeeze 9? Which presets do you use? What bit rate do you use? What filters do you use? What formats do you typically output to?
A: We created a series of “favorites” all using a variation of Apple H.264 at bit rates 2200Kbs to 600 for delivery on our Web Video Portal. This codec allows us to stream video to browsers as well as apple devices.

Q: Have you used the closed captioning or pre/post roll features of Squeeze 9? If so, how did you use them?
A: We are in the process of using the CC features. We have not delivered a product with it yet, but we are ready to. We will be using the pre and post roll feature for attaching our promos, intro and credit roll to select videos.

Q: Have you used Sorenson 360 for cloud based storage and review and approval?
A: Not yet, but I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Q: What do you like best about Squeeze 9?
A: We are using Premium and so far it has been the most diverse and robust Squeeze we have had. Sorenson paired with our server can compress a 134 minute referenced video in about 30 minutes (2 pass at around 1000Kb/sec); this compared to our other method, which would have taken around 4 hours on a 8 core MAC PRO. One other thing that has been great is the ability to mount up drives from our editing network and have editors drop QT reference files into a watch folder and have Squeeze pick them up and deliver the files to our web video server automatically – all of this gives us a fairly efficient and consistent work flow.

This has been great for us, as we regularly produce 6 to 8 hour studio recordings of DNXHD 145, 3 to 4 days a week with a 24-hour turn-around deadline for each day, from ingest to edit, to compression to web. More recently we added a field production video switching rig that has doubled this work load and Sorenson has been up to the task every time!